Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tool #8

After viewing the videos about the incoming technology, I learned that the netbooks will have audio/visual "recording" capabilities such as a microphone and webcam (useful for Skyping!).  I also learned that the students will have to log in with their own credentials (unless the teacher pre-logs in for them).  This will require planning for the times that the students forget their log-in information. However, it is helpful that students passwords are their ID#'s which makes it hard to forget. 

If I were to be in charge of classroom technology, I would devise a system based on my students' needs.  I would like to first build capacity in my students to be responsible stewards of the technology.  I know that technology cases are being provided to our teachers, so I would devise a method of having technology taken and replaced from the technology cabinet (if the activity calls for a loose-structure for the technology--like research). I would also assign one person from each grouping of tables to be in charge of the technology for that table. So, if they are using Today's Meet, the name would be Table 1, etc so I would know from whom the questions are coming.

It is going to require some time and experimentation in the beginning.  Teachers will need to be organized and perhaps a bit more aware of time.  Teachers will also need to share methods  that work in the classroom.  As students are more exposed to the technology, responsible use should become second nature.

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